How To Refinance A HELOC

If you have a HELOC, you may decide it's time to refinance. A HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) works similar to a credit card, but it has some differences. A HELOC has two phases: the drawing/withdrawal phase, and the payback phase. A HELOC interest rate is much lower than a credit card, and the drawing phase ends after a time period. A good time to refinance is when the rates slowly start to rise.

What You Need To Know Before You Sign For A Bail Bond

Have you recently had a friend or family member ask you to obtain a bail bond so they can be released from jail? Sure, it may be nice to have them home until they have to appear for court, but before you sign your name on the dotted line of the bail bond contract, there are a few things that you will want to take into consideration. You Are Responsible For Their Appearance In Court

Can A Judge Revoke Your Bond?

After you are released on bail, there is still the possibility of being rearrested by the police at a later date. Your bail can be revoked at any time for certain offenses. It is imperative that you are aware of those offenses and what you can do if your bail is revoked.   Why Would Your Bail Be Revoked?  The most common reason that bail is revoked is that the offender did not follow the conditions of his or her bail.

Two Bankruptcy Notions Refuted

Financial problems can come in many different types and severities. While individuals that are experiencing these severe money problems may desperately want an escape, it can be a common issue for people to be unsure of their rights when it comes to debts. In particular, the legal protections offered by bankruptcy are frequently not understood by those that would most benefit from these protections. Myth: All Bankruptcy Filings Are The Same

The Essential Steps You Need To Take When Your Spouse Is Arrested For A DUI

If your spouse has been arrested for drunk driving and has asked you to help with bail bonds to get out of jail, then you need to take these steps to get the process started: Step 1: Contact a Criminal Attorney Before You Call a Bondsman Before you search for a bondsman to apply for a bail bond for your spouse, first you need to retain a criminal attorney with experience in DUI cases.